Olga Karban

Certificate ’15

I attended the Certificate in international commercial and investment arbitration in September, 2015. It was a fascinating event! In their lectures, speakers gave highly professional and very detailed information. As part of the program, participants had the opportunity to visit Italian law firms, which was also very exciting. As a practicing lawyer, in 2014 I handled an arbitration before the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Participating in the Certificate, kindly hosted by “Roma Tre University” in Rome, helped me to improve my knowledge of international arbitration, domestic arbitration in Italy, and to get new information concerning investment arbitration.  Also, I want to thank the Coordinators who organized this program for a great opportunity to take part in such interesting and educational event. I highly recommend Certificate for potential participants – you will obtain detailed and very structured information about arbitration. In addition, you will see one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Lukas Innerebner

Junior Associate at Legance – Avvocati Associati
Certificate ’15

My experience with the Certificate was splendid. During the five days a great many of well-known and very well prepared experts from all over the world covered skillfully many big issues and in a short period of time. The practice-oriented lectures were very interesting, instructional and offered the possibility to learn from experience. The lecturers fed us with both substantial and in-depth knowledge and involved us also in stimulating case studies. Thanks to a well-balanced composition of participants we had some interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. It needs to be underlined that the lecturers were always available and more than glad to answer our questions. I would like to thank the coordinators and the whole team for the great course you have provided. While the Certificate was limited in time, friendships and social networks still remain.

Simona Trino

Research Assistant at Roma Tre University
Certificate ’15

The Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration was a very interesting experience for me. It’s extremely useful not only for practitioners of international arbitration who want to deepen their skills, but also for young students interested in this topic, approaching it for the first time, just like me. The main strength of this course is the possibility of interacting with excellent academics and practitioners; lessons are very well structured and managed and the program also includes lectures, simulations and workshops. I highly recommend interested students and lawyers to take advantage of this opportunity, you won’t regret it!

Valentina Faienza

Trainee Lawyer at Studio Legale Rubini
Certificate ’15

I participated in the second edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration and it really lived up to my (high) expectations. The course was structured in five days and it covered the main aspects of arbitration. The lecturers were international leading academics and practitioners, so that we got the chance to have a 360° perspective on both theoretical and practical issues related to international arbitration. The composition of the participants’ group, students and practitioners coming from all over the world, also contributed to the success of the course, with interesting debates arising from different point of views. Last but not least, the social events scheduled during the five days were a great opportunity of networking with the “international arbitration club”.

Martina Brunetti

Roma Tre Law Degree 2014 – Trainee Lawyer at Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners
Certificate ’14

have been interested in international arbitration since I have attended the first class as student, three years ago. Since then I have participated to several conferences and seminars regarding different topics of international arbitration. My interest to deepen the knowledge in international arbitration led me to participate to the first edition of the Certificate on International Commercial and Investment Arbitration at University of Roma Tre, which is one of the few Italian Universities offering these international courses. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the topics covered and, above all, by the high-quality lecturers that came from all over the world.
I highly recommend to both students and professionals to participate to the second edition of the certificate not only for the very interesting subject, as international arbitration is, but also for the exclusive opportunity to meet the best practitioners of the international arbitration world and to ask them questions, further information or just curiosities.

Giulia Romana Mele

Roma Tre Law Student
Certificate ’14

I was very pleased to know that Roma Tre was going to held its second edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration this year as the Certificate is a truly excellent one. Even if before attending the course I knew little or nothing about international arbitration I felt that, even in a short period of time, I was provided with a solid “starter pack” on the matter.
The Certificate was held by the most prominent practitioners in the field and it was exciting to get to know them and having the chance to see the subject trough their eyes. Although the high-level of each session, the lectures and the presentations were so well structured that everything was clear to me. And even so, whether some doubts were left, or some clarification needed, each speaker was more than willing to answer and very happy to turn the matter inside out. For this reason I highly recommend this Certificate both to people who wants to approach the field of International Arbitration for the first time and to people already practicing in International Arbitration who whish to deepen their knowledge. Not to mention all the amazing opportunities we had to know each other other during the networking events organized during the course.
This Certificate is a not to be missed chance!