Giulia Romana Mele

I was very pleased to know that Roma Tre was going to held its second edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration this year as the Certificate is a truly excellent one. Even if before attending the course I knew little or nothing about international arbitration I felt that, even in a short period of time, I was provided with a solid “starter pack” on the matter.
The Certificate was held by the most prominent practitioners in the field and it was exciting to get to know them and having the chance to see the subject trough their eyes. Although the high-level of each session, the lectures and the presentations were so well structured that everything was clear to me. And even so, whether some doubts were left, or some clarification needed, each speaker was more than willing to answer and very happy to turn the matter inside out. For this reason I highly recommend this Certificate both to people who wants to approach the field of International Arbitration for the first time and to people already practicing in International Arbitration who whish to deepen their knowledge. Not to mention all the amazing opportunities we had to know each other other during the networking events organized during the course.
This Certificate is a not to be missed chance!