Alumni testimonials

The 10th Edition of the Rome Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration was not only informative but transformative and I am truly honoured to have been a part of it. From the moment I stepped into the beautiful city of Rome, I knew that I was embarking on an unique and enlightening journey. The course content was expertly curated and the blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights were extremely helpful. Learning from industry leaders who are at the forefront of international arbitration provided an invaluable perspective on the subject. Their real-world experiences and case studies brought to life the intricacies and challenges of this field, making the learning process engaging and insightful. The course also offered a perfect mix of lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, allowing us to apply the knowledge we gained in a simulated arbitration setting. Exploring the city’s rich history and vibrant culture during our free time enriched the overall experience and I appreciate the thought that went into selecting such an inspiring location ten years back. The networking opportunities that the course provided were invaluable. Interacting with fellow participants from various corners of the globe and sharing insights with industry professionals was an enriching experience. It opened up doors to global perspectives and connections that I will cherish throughout my career. I would wholeheartedly recommend attending the Rome Certificate to anyone interested in embarking on a successful career in International Arbitration.

Tushar Behl - Associate at Unity Legal Law Offices, New Delhi, India Certificate '23

I attended the 10th edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in 2023. I enrolled in the course both to consolidate and to deepen my knowledge of international arbitration. It did not disappoint. The course was very well structured and organised, but most of all the choice of faculty was excellent. Over the course of five days, we were able to learn from experienced arbitration practitioners, from partners in leading private practices, arbitrators, in house counsel, and representatives of various arbitral institutions. As such, in addition to solid theoretical background on key issues in international arbitration, we were presented with wide-ranging perspectives, interesting examples from real life arbitrations and valuable practical advice. The lectures were interactive and interesting discussions often followed afterwards, continuing during the coffee and lunch breaks. There were also many opportunities to network with the members of the faculty, guests and, most importantly, the other participants who further enriched the experience by sharing their perspectives. I would recommend the Certificate course to everyone interested in pursuing a career in international arbitration.

Agnieszka Deegan - International Disputes Lawyer, London, UK Certificate '23

I had the privilege of participating in the 10th edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in 2023, and I cannot recommend it enough. There were several standout aspects that made the Certificate a great experience. Firstly, the course was incredibly rich and detailed, and the lectures were delivered in a way that made them accessible, even for complex topics. Secondly, the speakers were top-notch professionals in the field of international arbitration. Thus, their firsthand experience and insights were invaluable, providing a unique perspective on the subject matter. One particularly fascinating aspect was the diverse legal backgrounds of both the speakers and participants. The involvement of people from various jurisdictions made the Certificate a dynamic learning environment. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Certificate. It is an enriching experience as it offers not only a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter but also great networking opportunities.

Benedetta Proia - Associate at Chiomenti, Rome, Italy Certificate '23

The Certificate was truly an amazing hands-on experience. It was precious to meet so many young professionals as well as experienced lecturers from all over the world. I really enjoyed intensity of the Certificate and balanced combination of theoretical and practical aspects of arbitration at each class. Honestly, I find the Certificate to be a perfect deep dive into arbitration, which helps young practitioners to deepen their knowledge of arbitration and contribute to the universal arbitration community.  I sincerely recommend this course to everyone who is in search of motivation, professional growth and meaningful networking. Everything was just perfect!

Katerina Solodovnyk - Associate at Ilyashev&Partners Law Firm, Kyiv, Ukraine, Certificate '23

I attended the Certificate Course in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in 2023 shortly after finishing my internship at UNIDROIT. I was thrilled to be awarded the Young ICCA-Chiomenti Scholarship. I found the Certificate Course to be an enriching and fulfilling educational experience. It equipped me with the skills and knowledge I sought in international dispute resolution, and I feel confident in applying these skills in my career.Furthermore, these courses are extremely well-structured, interactive and engaging. The organiser invited distinguished practitioners in diverse jurisdictions. The networking opportunities during coffee breaks and lunchtime also honed my social skills and help me make a lot of friends there. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to seek to enhance their expertise in international arbitration.

Guofang Xue - Editor at Young EFILA; Legal intern at WilmerHale, London, UK Certificate '23

I am extremely delighted to have attended the ninth edition of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration at Roma Tre University. The programme provides theoretical and practical insights into international arbitration. The classes are led by eminent speakers (including academics, in-house counsels, practitioners) and are very engaging and enlightening. Coffee and lunch breaks are a great networking opportunity to share ideas among students and speakers.
I highly recommend the participation in the Certificate to anyone who is not only interested in deepening their knowledge of international arbitration, but also to those who would like to approach the matter. I will treasure everything I have learnt during the days of my attendance at the Certificate. Truly a great experience!

Chiara Spagnuolo - Legal Advisor at Saipem, Milan, Italy Certificate ’22

I found the Certificate extremely valuable in addressing in a systematic way the main topics of international arbitration, starting from a general introduction and then exploring in more details various specific, key aspects of the topic. The speakers very often contributed insightful comments and anecdotes drawn from their exceptional experience. One key element is the quality of the speakers and the possibility to interact with some of the primary players in international arbitration.
I would highly recommend it to anyone willing to expand their knowledge (and network) in this area.

Giacomo Serra Zanetti - Investment Manager at Omni Bridgeway, London, UK Certificate ’22

I feel excited to be part of the 2022 Certificate program in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration at the Roma Tre University, Rome. It was indeed a high powered interacting and exchange of academic and practical experiences from the best international practitioners from different legal backgrounds in commercial and investment arbitration. The Facilitators were sound and engaging ON and OFF the classroom, the co-participants were friendly and promising.
The program environment was lively, offering the right network for brighter prospects. I will always recommend the program to every arbitration professional with a global outlook.

Emeka Onyeka - Lawyer and Arbitrator, Founder and Principal Partner at Emeka Onyeka & Co., Port Harcourt, Nigeria Certificate ’22

The participation in the Certificate has provided me with immeasurable academic and interpersonal growth. As an exchange student in Rome, the participation in a truly international event, which allowed me to listen and learn from the greatest experts in the field, was enriching and unique. The course schedule is extremely well curated and thought out for the best learning experience. However, the importance of the Certificate is greatly enhanced by the value given to personal connections during the event. Whether by valuing the relationships between the attendees or by providing ample post-lesson access to the lecturers, the Certificate programme succeeds in fostering an environment that encourages the active and genuine participation of all those involved. This experience will certainly remain engraved in my academic journey.

Vitória Kreutz Werle - Editor at Arbipedia, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Exchange Student at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy Certificate ’22

Rome was the city I sought during my academic mobility to study international arbitration, and the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration made sure my expectations were met and surpassed. International arbitration is a complex and, dare I say, endless subject, which made it all the more rewarding to attend a course that covered all the basic and fundamental topics as brilliantly as some recent developments of international arbitration.

The organizers and the lecturers were practitioners from the Italian and the international arbitral community, which alongside the attendees coming from different corners of the world ensured the networking breaks and events were a cultural exchange, and that the course itself was a truly international experience.

Throughout this five-days experience I not only learned more about international arbitration, but I also had valuable networking opportunities, reason why I would recommend the course to anyone interested, either with or without any background in arbitration.

Lorenzo Galan Miranda - Editor at Arbipedia, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Exchange Student at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy Certificate ’22

I attended the 2022 Certificate edition. Although my studies mainly focused on International Relations and Diplomacy, I decided to attend the Certificate to deepen and widen my gaze over other types of International Dispute Resolution. My expectations were way more than fulfilled.

The speakers giving the lectures are extremely prepared. They are practitioners of the subject, so they continuously refer to personal experiences and examples, offering participants explanations of practical problems and possible solutions. The structure of the course is strict but very effective, addressing and deepening all the possible aspects of International Commercial and Investment Arbitration. Moreover, the speakers are very welcoming of any sort of question, inside and outside the class, which makes the Certificate distinctive if compared to a normal cycle of lectures.

In short, a great opportunity to exchange thoughts, questions, and knowledge with experts of the field and colleagues. I highly recommend it to law students, whether headed to an arbitration career or not.

Eleonora Alagna - Master Student in International Relations and Diplomacy at LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy Certificate ’22

Although I intended to travel to Rome to participate in the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, I had to attend it online as a result of the pandemic. However, no matter I joined the online format the experience was no less than the in-class format as I could see the organizers’ sobriety and involvement from the initial contact to learn more about the course, which played a significant influence in my choice to attend. Throughout the courses, there was excellent communication and earnestness. It was an excellent experience, full of academic concepts and practical insights gained from the rich experiences of the numerous lectures that followed one after the other throughout the program, allowing me to continue learning, which has been a great opportunity as there was an occasion to learn from the best of the bests. Despite the fact that there were a lot of topics to cover in very limited time, the lecturers were able to cover the most essential arbitration concepts in a clear and concise manner, while also providing a very new perspective on them. However, given the high caliber and content of the instructors, this should not come as a surprise. I would strongly suggest the course to both seasoned practitioners and those who are interested in learning more about arbitration.

Mohammad Anisul Haque Emran - Associate at Israfil & Associates: The Law Counsel, Dhaka, Bangladesh Certificate ’21

I attended the online format of the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in July 2021. Since the first contact to know more about the course, I could see its organizers’ sobriety and engagement, which has played a relevant role in my decision to participate in it. The good communication and seriousness continued throughout the classes.

The course itself has exceeded my expectations. Even though there were a lot of subjects to be addressed in only one week, the lecturers managed to cover the most important arbitration themes with clarity, while presenting a very refreshed view about them. This should not be surprising, though, considering the lecturers’ top notch quality and curriculum.

I definitely recommend the course, both for experienced practitioners and for those who want to have a first contact with arbitration practice.

Nilo Santos - Arbitration Coordinator at ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) / Federal Attorney, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Certificate ’21

The Certificate is truly excellent, amazing, exciting… The level of the speakers is very high: the theoretical lessons are interesting and thorough, while the practical ones are really engaging and useful, more than I expected: a wonderful surprise! The speakers share their experience, making students participate in their techniques, skills, tricks and ways of working: it’s just what I would like to receive… Lastly, I would like to thank all the organizing staff for their kindness, availability, and ability to involve students online as well. I would definitely recommend the Certificate, which offers the opportunity to meet professors, practitioners and referees from all over the world, to open your horizons and to have a full immersion in an international atmosphere in the arbitration landscape.

Valentina Corradi - Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Imola, Italy Certificate ’21

Delighted to have attended the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in 2021, in the 8th edition. I enrolled in the Certificate to expand my knowledge in international arbitration and also because I am a member of the ICC Argentina. It was an extraordinary experience and a great adventure full of insightful, practical and theoretical lectures, which have allowed me to continue learning. I would also like to congratulate the organizers on their excellent academic levels. Despite not being able to attend in person, the organizers did everything possible to make us feel that we were there in Rome. Without a doubt, the Certificate is an absolutely essential tool for all those interested in arbitration matters.

Lorena R. Schneider - Doctor of Law; Professor of Law (UBA, UCEMA); Director in Corporate Lawyers Diploma, UCEMA – Buenos Aires, Argentina Certificate ’21

My interest in international arbitration was born thanks to a university project that casually came into my life. After that I have decided to attend an international arbitration course at Roma Tre where I learned about the 2021 Certificate, which of course was an incredibile chance for a student like me to get to know this field of law even better. The Certificate was overwhelming in a very positive way. The speakers were all well prepared and they were able to make the experience even better with all of their legal backgrounds. I have learned more in depth about the principles and all the recent developments of the field with practice examples and interactive classes, as I had to follow the Certificate online. Nevertheless it was very well organised for both in person and online students and I highly recommend the experience to those who are interested in international arbitration as it is a five days full-immersion suitable for both the less and the more experienced students or practitioners. Thanks to the organisers for giving us such a pleasant experience.

Gelsomina Russo Corvace - Law student at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy Certificate ’21

I had the pleasure to attend the Certificate in 2020 as a young trainee lawyer. The course – very well organized despite the challenging times – had plenty of valuable insights on international arbitration, both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint. Structured as a comprehensive series of world-class lectures on the most relevant aspects of the subject, the Certificate is suitable equally for neophytes and more experienced practitioners. It gave me and all the participants the unparalleled opportunity to meet and dialogue with some of the most esteemed professors and practitioners of the field, not only during lectures, but also informally at lunch and throughout other intermissions. These opportunities allowed the Class and the panelists to network and form friendships while discussing the most recent developments of international arbitration: a five-day experience that I can effortlessly recommend to everyone interested in this practice area.

Gabriele Miscia - Trainee lawyer at Borgna Studio Legale, Milan, Italy Certificate ‘20

I attended the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in 2020. The Certificate’s comprehensive structure is a good way for students and practitioners at various seniority levels to expand their knowledge of procedural and substantive issues that arise in international commercial and investment arbitration. In addition to providing the participants with a theoretical foundation, the Certificate offers helpful practical insights from its experienced faculty. Further, the diversity of legal thought and practice among the faculty and participants — from both common law and civil law backgrounds — made the program a unique and enriching experience. I would recommend the Certificate to students and practitioners looking for an opportunity to expand or reinforce their understanding of international arbitration and forge meaningful relationships along the way.

J. Ignacio Saldana - Associate at Shearman & Sterling, New York, United States Certificate ’20

My personal approach of ADR has always – depending on what appears to be asked for by case and setting, and agreed upon by parties – varied from a purely facilitative, to a more evaluative, or even determinative one.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis – during which I became increasingly active as a conciliator in conflicts between companies getting difficulties to fulfil their current contracts – made me realize that hybrid approaches in general, aimed at fast, workable solutions, may be the answer to the challenges facing our justice systems; with arbitration itself having a more prominent role to play.

Attending the excellently organised Certificate’s 7th Edition at University of Roma Tre’s School of Law, delivered by a top-notch, global faculty, provided me with a dense, thorough, theoretical and practical backbone, as well as extensive course material as to the realm of International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, enhancing as such my own future-proofness.

With networking events and opportunities being limited due to the pandemic’s restrictions, the exchanges – also with those within the cohort attending on-line – still remained valuable; in brief: a must for all those active in the field.

Georges Hanot - Mediator and Dispute Board Chair, Founding Partner at Con-Sent ADR, based out of Belgium Certificate ’20

I attended the Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in September 2020. Despite being specialized in international arbitration, I am always eager to deepen my knowledge in this topic so I enrolled in this course. The Certificate allowed me to learn new things and to deepen the knowledge of aspects I had already studied, both from theoretical and practical points of view.

The Certificate is very well structured: over five days, participants attended fascinating lectures given by world-class international practitioners who shared their unique knowledge, insights and practical experience over international arbitration.

Despite the pandemic, the organisation of the event was flawless and I can only thank the organisers and the tutors for making of this possible. I strongly recommend this course to all of you who wish to broaden their knowledge of international arbitration.

Dario Simone Palmiotti - FCIArb, Arbitrator Certificate ’20
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