Giacomo Rojas Elgueta is an Associate Professor of Private Law at the University of Roma Tre Law School and Founding Partner at D|R Arbitration & Litigation. He is actively involved in commercial and investment arbitration as counsel, expert witness and arbitrator. He has acted as sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator in various arbitration proceedings, both ad hoc and under the rules of the ICC, Swiss Arbitration Centre and CAM with seat in different countries. He has been appointed by the Italian Republic as expert witness in three investment arbitration proceedings under the rules of ICSID and SCC. He is admitted to the Rome, Italy (2004) and New York Bar (2010). He is Co-editor of the ICCA project Does a Right to a Physical Hearing Exist in International Arbitration?, Co-Chair of the Focus Group on Construction Arbitration of the Italian Association for Arbitration and past Co-Chair of ArbIt (the Italian Forum for Arbitration and ADR). He earned an LL.M. with distinction and an S.J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and was a Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School.